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When we say fashion accessories, the items that pop in our mind are usually ties, shoes, watches, jewelry, scarves, belts, but never a pen. Imagine a well-dressed, well groomed, businessman preparing to sign an important document, and while his hand shouts style – fancy watch, expensive rings – he’s holding and writing with a cheap plastic ball pen. Something is a miss in this image isn’t it? His style suddenly doesn’t seem so well balanced, it looks and feels incomplete.

Our Fashion Legacy

Our fashion accessory brand was founded as a tribute to my late mentor Oscar, who always inspired me to be the best version of myself and look my best while doing so. We bring homage to Oscar by living our lives to the fullest and putting our creative soul in everything we do.
We’re doing things the Oscar way, because he was an inspiration of timeless fashion in his life. He dressed well, he lived well, he travelled, he inspired and made people follow him.
His philosophy was that your fashion style is given by the details. You’ll look good wearing that expensive suit, but you won’t have your own style until you pay attention to all the details, and all the accessories you are wearing. It’s in the watch, the rings, the bracelet, the shoes, the pen you’re carrying.
We created the pen inspired by the legacy of the style icon of my life, to make everyone feel in style, with all aspects of their image, even when writing and signing documents.

The Pen

Designed in Sweden, from high quality materials, our pen follows a stylish and innovative design. Modern yet classic, our PEN is your reliable accessory when you need to write that note or sign that important document that will mark the future of your career or the future of your life.
A pen is a simple item that seems made to be thrown somewhere and be used for mundane tasks. It’s much more than that. It’s the tool that was there with us when we signed the birth certificate of our child, or our wedding papers, or the contract that will change our lives.

Carrying the Pen

Our pen is designed to complement your style and enhance it to perfection. The accessory that was missing from your attire is now here – classy, modern and with ageless style. Carry our PEN with you and don’t leave anything to chance when it comes to your image.
Now we want to empower you to live your best life. Feel confident and inspire others to follow you. Become an example of style and freedom.