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5 quick ones with @danielre

Posted on January 17 2020

How would you describe your style?

My style is simple, as I’m taking care of two essential things: the fit and the wearing. It is not so easy to be explained since it’s an innate attitude that’s been accompanying me since infancy and does not parallel with other people.

What inspires you and where do you get inspiration from?

Heavily influenced from an early age by the Duke of Windsor and Gianni Agnelli.

What is your all-time favorite outfit? Why is your favorite?

Elegance is based on basic and simple requirements: jacket, shirt, pants, and ties. Those are the essential signs that distinguish the clothing in a man, and I prefer the basic colors.

What new trends do you see for 2020?

In elegance, there are no trends as it has always been handed down over the years, I see a modern gentleman with great attention to detail I am pleased to see that today there is more attention in this especially in men

Why do you think the pen is an important fashion accessory?

Absolutely it is a very important accessory and a sign of distinction in a man a successful man writes a lot for which the pen becomes a real symbol linked to his image.