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Posted on December 29 2019

Classy, elegant accessory to complement your style. The fountain pen is fashion, it is style, it is a creed of not leaving anything to chance and being in control. Your reliable companion, your premium fountain pen to be always be with you and help you make a fashion statement in every occasion.

Carefully detailed pieces put together to create an exquisite writing experience. Dressed up in gold plated details, with the perfect steel nib, and an adjusted surface for the gripping section - nothing was left out of the vision of our designers. Every little piece, every little detail went through an extensive process in our design process, resulting in a classic fashion accessory that offers an unmatched writing experience

What We Offer with Each Purchase

  • OSCAR X CLASSIC – in your preferred color
  • Our Stylish Box – that looks great as a gift box and it will protect your pen in your travels
  • The Authenticity Card – proof of authenticity
  • Three Pieces of Ink Cartridge – high quality and reliable ink specially made for the pen
  • Converter – a little tool inside the pen that allows you to fill it with any other type of ink