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5 quick ones with @dailytouchofclass

Posted on February 11 2020

How would you describe your style?

Mostly Classic style but also have a healthy appetite for more casual street wear when the weekend hits. 

What inspires you and where do you get inspiration from?

Old school Italian style icons and more recently from my fellow bloggers.

What is your all-time favorite outfit? Why is your favorite?

Right now it has to be Gurhka trousers a roll neck and nice coat. 

It is a practical look but is super sharp, with a touch of class that you dont see every where given the Gurhka trousers

What new trends do you see for 2020?

Lots of block colours, more simple classical designs and less patterns.

Why do you think the pen is an important fashion accessory?

Obviously the pen is an accessory for the more sophisticated gents out there. For me the pen is an extension of your style which is important when carrying out business as it supports your professionalism, your look and helps to subtly give confidence to your stakeholders.